Thanks Akh Iman!


I can only say this to you since you already away from us since yesterday. Maybe the angles are gathering around you , welcoming you through the gates of heaven. Maybe you already  smells the leaves of heaven and feel the serenity of sounds of river and soothing winds surrounds your body. Whatever your situation is, I am sure , your heart is sparkling with joyousness and blissfulness that none of us could understand.

Akh Iman,

I don’t know you that much.

But I know, whatever you have done in you short life, was damn a great one! And Subhanallah, it appears on the hearts of hundreds other whom you know and don’t, once they know you already left us from this world.

Benarlah, mahalnya harga sebuah kesedaran , kerana hanya dengan kematianmu sahaja, ramainya hati mula tersentuh dan tersedar pada hari ini.

Termasuk diri ini.

Dan aku tahu, engkau hanyalah jundiy yang masih baru bertatih dan masih baru mengecap nikmatnya berada di jalan dakwah ini.

But you already showed to us, that this path, path of dakwah, is worth to fight for.


No matter how difficult our situation is, no matter how hard the road, you have shown to us that this life is so meaningless without dakwah.
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