Kanvas kehidupan



Just bump into a friend who reminded me how important to keep this blog alive and active.


I didn’t realized that it has given impact, if not huge, to many people that I have encountered.


After all, what I hold tightly in my life is this.



Maybe my life was hard before.

Maybe I have done many bad things in life, things that invisible to many.


Thus, I want to repent. I want to make things better.

I want to improve thing that I have done bad in the past.


After all, I am just a normal person with a big dream.

To inspire and to do many changes in life.

Especially in our country, where many people already suffered from depressions and poverty.

‘Ustaz, boleh tak saya nak jadi ahli politik?’


That was my question 8 years back, when we had our monthly daurah.

Our murabbi previously was quite ‘syadid’/strict in terms of fiqh dakwah methodology. For him, in order to get great result from dakwah, we have to focus on takwin –> usrah, grow more people in usrah. Breed them with dakwah knowledge.

Hence, during that time, a lot of us, choose to be participate actively in usrah more than our activism in other dakwah field, such as in NGO/FOSIS etc.

I learned quite a lot at that time. Although I know I have such a good leadership skill, but I endevoured it in my usrah/daurah.

Bawak 3 usrah seminggu. Bentangkan daurah almost every week.

Every month adik-adik dari seluruh dunia datang ziarah, bulan jan dari jordan, bulan feb dari jepun, bulan mac dari mesir..

I wonder whether they all can still remember how tiny my apartment was and 1 toilet can fit in 30 ppl at one time!

( ingat lagi my rumah banyak betul stok tilam/duvet/bantal)

I even bought many cooking utensils for 30 ppl and more. I used to cook for 30 ppl every week for usrah/daurah purpose. And that’s how my cooking skill got sharpened.

Once a policeman knocked our door.

It was a quite Sunday morning.

Arinah was lazying around in couch and I was watching Jamie Oliver latest cooking.

We invited them to come inside our apartment.

We were quite surprised but we know we never did anything wrong.

The whiteboard that we used the day before for daurah was still in the living room.

Adalah tulisan Arab sket-sket atas tu with a lot of circular image ( representing usrah )

Mind you, policeman in Scotland was quite mascular and ….. firm. I mean when you look at them, you know you cant ever eve messed up with them.


‘ Sorry madam, your neighbour in front had put a complaint on this house. She said that she saw a lot of hijabis girls went to your house in a group. Any particular reason why?’


I was scratching my head at that time thinking of possibility answers.

Makcik depan rumah? Why she bothered? Ingat kami teroris?

‘ Owh, they were all from Malaysia.  We were having party last night! It was a great fun!’

‘But what is with this drawing on the white board?’

‘ Oh, we were playing game as well!’


Arinah muka dah tergeliat-geliat and I was like cepatlah balik policeman oi! Nak sambung tengok Jamie Oliver ni!


Then they went though I can see muka tak puas hati mereka.


It was a fun year.

A learning year of dakwah and tarbiah. When I got to deliver almost all tarbiah materials and able to master them.


When I came back to Malaysia end of 2011, that’s were I began to see where my life should be at.

And I remember what my murabbi said,

‘ Insyaallah, kalau anti yakin boleh ubah Malaysia. why not. Jadilah politician.’


And I am not yet embarking towards that journey yet, but my dream is always want to change Malaysia to become a better country and nation.

And I’m preparing myself towards it.

  1. Financially
  2. Socially
  3. Mentally
  4. Emotionally
  5. above all, with the right skills and knowledge to become the leader for this ummah.


Till then, I wish you best in whatever you do, cause I know you always gonna do your best!




Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

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