Eid Mubarak

This year, would be a different year, from the past years of my life.

This year is a year of reconcile, a year of flashback, and a year recognising of one self.

That is me.

Through out our life, though that we think we know everything, and we think we made the right decision, Allah always taught us to always put our head and feet on the ground.

In which Allah want us to be humble and always not to forget who we are in the first place : a servant of Allah.

He was then give us the best result and the best thing in our life, although we might think otherwise.

I don really know how to explain this, but no matter how fast u go, how correct u think u are, how rich and intelligent u r, only He knows, what exactly right and best for you.

Seperti biasa, banyak saya nak share,tapi ada prioriti lain perlu saya utamakan.

Salam akhir Ramadhan dan selamat menyambut Eidul Fitri.

Satu perayaan yang harus mendekatkan diri kita lebih kepada Allah dan menyebabkan kita sentiasa bermuhasabah sepanjang waktu.

“Barang siapa menghayati malam Hari Raya Aidil Fitri dan malam Hari Raya Aidil Adha dengan amal ibadah sedang dia mengharapkan keredaan Allah semata-mata hatinya tidak akan mati seperti hati orang-orang kafir.” Hadis Rasulullah.

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