it has been a while since i’m rumbling about my job. I really do enjoy my job and im loving it. I want to this as my living. But there are so many other things that strangled in my mind, and i felt needed to share it before anything else.

I made this entry in the ward just now while waiting for my consultant to discuss about a patient. Just a thought and sharing..


I dont know why i want to tell u guys this..
not is going to change anything nor make our iman better.

but i think is worth to ponder upon.

almost everyday when i worked in ward 18, the gynaecology ward, i was asked to write the discharge letter, on why , when and what patient has during their stay in the hospital.

And among the zillionth discharge script i have to write, there are some that i hate the most to write- not that i can refuse to write.

there are MTOP or STOP.

Medical Termination of Pregnancy
Surgical Termination of Pregnancy

everytime i have to write the script, i will having this heavy-educated-mature discussion with my partner in the ward,Lucy. and we discussed about the ethical, religious and common sense view in this matter.

Obstetric and gynaecology had extreme range of patient.

You’ll see the miracles of newborn baby and the happiness that the baby brought to the family as well as the staff in the labour ward. ( indeed seeing a newborn baby is so much delighted!)

and the other end, you’ll see dying patient, who you’ll spend a good few days with them in the ward before they past away. and this kind of people are terminally ill patient who had endometrial, cervical or ovarian cancer, who had other complications, such as disseminated malignancy, ascites and what not.

the other scope of this branch of medicine will illustrate to you, couples who really wanted children. And they tried very hard to get one. and the investigation that they have to go through to have baby is not nice. Im telling you, is not nice! and these people are willing to come for treatment just for the sake of having baby.

the other end of people, just dont want the baby! they accidentally get pregnant, and feel frustated with it, and want an abortion!

Of course abortion in this country is legal, and some women do look like they feel really bad in making that decision. they really uncomfortable when signing the form.( consent form for undergoing the abortion)

Among them, are teenagers, who just had one night stand, and then get pregnant, and they want an abortion.


‘ this is the perfect world Nur. at least they have safe abortion here in this country compare to other world’ Lucy was telling that to me , when i fill in the discharge form.

Luckily i don have to prescribe the drugs for the abortion, nor assisting the abortion.

The heart that I have would not accept this act as acceptable.

but how can you say to people who dont even believe the God? who had unprotected sex without thinking of the sequences?

can they not just deliver the baby and give it to someone else as adoption????

dont abort them!


sedangkan perciptaan manusia adalah sebaik2 perciptaan.

sedih sangat tengok orang buat abortion….

Ya Allah, bantulah kami membersihkan dunia ini dari kezaliman diri kami dan manusia lain… amiin.



Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

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