The lalang and the angin

‘The only thing that I cannot get it right is my study’, said Lalang to Angin.

‘Why you said that?’

Lalang sat peacefully and tried to pull out the right words to express her feelings.

‘If people asked me to organise halaqah, i know exactly what to do. I know what materials to cover, how to make it interested and dynamic. But I am stucked when it comes to my study. And I feel sucks!’

Is sucks should be use by an ukht? Huhuhuh… what else can be used to describe that ‘feeling of garbage’…

It feels bad because of the language. And this final year is very very very English demanding and tasking. Lalang sat in the library browsing through the previous years elective reports, and she knew she was far far away from the standard. Maybe she just had 10% of the competency of those people had.

Can I become an M.D by end the year? Lalang thought sadly.

Have you felt hopeless, really low and rubbish?That you are not good enough to be one of the best medical students who are strikingly get through the medical educations?

The only thing I cannot get it right is my study and it feels sucks! How I wish I can take it confidently, without hassles,  sailing through the exam without jeopardising the dakwah work, or even sacrificing them.

Lalang, can you do that?

‘Angin, can you help to get through this? With Allah helps, of felt so heavy in my chest..’ Lalang looked at Angin with deep hopes.

Can Angin? Can?




Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

3 thoughts on “The lalang and the angin”

  1. Salam,
    Referring to “…not good enough to be one of the best medical students…”

    Why choose to be the BEST?
    Don’t you think choosing to be the best is a deadly weapon although obviously, choosing to be the BEST is not even a weapon?
    Why not ENJOY the process, cultivate the process with enjoyment approaches, according to what enjoys you?

    Setting mind to be the best or number one or champion etc will only serve numerous pressures (sooner or later). Why?
    Accept this – Our BEING is based on the NATURE of rise and fall, hence imperfect. We are not flawless. And, sometimes, we are not as what we intended to be.

    One can only be 99.999% flawless with 0.001% flaw (case of one in a million), but, never 100% flawless with 0% flaw.

    Cultivating the enjoyment approaches, then, you’ll see its glorious outcomes. But, please, not invest in outcomes(that is, high hope) since outcomes are absolutely kerja tuhan. DIA miliki 99 nama yg hebat2, menggambarkan perilakuNYA, so no worries.

    You know, dear…we always change the scenery, but, not the situation. I hope, we all can learn to change both.

    Are you enjoying yourself today at library?

  2. Let’s not log – on the hopelessness songs… Let’s come up with formulas – realistic and helpful, to counter and restore enjoyment inside the perimeter of s.t.u.d.y.
    funky etc…it doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoy.

  3. Angin said to Lalang, come~ follow my lead and sway with my rhythem…soon you will become the angin..

    Like planning your halaqah, use your talent in organising your studies the same way. The way you break-down your plans in order to see the bigger picture, that is how you should approach your studies as well.

    We have identify one of your flaws in your studies, which is the language barrier, so lets start with that one and insya-Allah, the rest will follow 🙂

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