PMS is near..

salam all,

tomorrow my brother and sister are arriving in Glasgow Airport. Annuar will be staying in Manchester while Arinah and I will be gathering in the prominent gathering MSM in Loughborough. Everyone seems excited to meet everyone. For me, I donno where does the excitement goes. It seems to overflowed me in previous years. Maybe I was not the core committee for the event this year, or maybe it has been another big program for me.. the same thing will happen.. it is like a routine something like that, and u try to look for some excitement, but you fail because you don’t see any..

One of my ustaz back in Al-Amin was telling his students about feeling bored with ibadah. Well, has anyone ever felt that? When you prayed, you get bored of praying? When you do some good deeds, you want to try something more excited things than that although it is haraam to do it? Try to remind ourselves of the story of 2 guys, one was a very pious man who never commit any major sin. He was a devoted Muslim until one day he decided to do something more excited than he usually does, then he intended to do some sins, thinking that it can bring some fun to him.. At the same time, another guy who was committing sins, he get bored of the sins until one day he decided he want to repent and become devoted Muslim. Both of them met at the stairs, one wanted to go down the stairs to commit the sins and another want to climb up the stairs to repent. They bump to each other and eventually fall and died. ( Sometimes you think how easy this can be? But Allah will makes thing happen what ever he desires).


And Allah was predominant in His career, but most of mankind know not.’ ( yusuf: 21)

You know what happened afterward. The pious man died and he was judged according to his intention. He died in a bad way. Fortunately for the sinful guys, he got the merit for his intention to repent of all his sins. Thus he died in a good cause.

Excitement can lead you to do a good thing or a bad thing.. but there is a catch there… not just to follow your heart, but also to think, why you want to get away from the boredorm? Why do you feel it in the first place?

Going back to what my ustaz said, he told us,

‘ Solat tak boringkan? Antum rasa boring tak baca surah fatihah 17x sehari?’

And I was wandered at that time, did I felt bored of reciting His name? Did I? Hurm… well,I never actually thought of it..

‘ Mana boring kalau sebut nama Allah kan?’

My ustaz continued.. And I still remember what he said at that time…

How can we bored of Allah? How can we bored of Islam..? Iman is always freshing you up. It always brighten up your day. It is not Islam that made you bored, it is us who made Islam such a routine until we become bored of it..

It is like loving someone. Sometimes you bored of that person. Asyik2 dia je kan.. hurmm.. But is so different with Allah.. How can you become bored of Allah? That’s when I feel my heart rotten with the loves of this world, I find love of Allah really solace me. I know I feel complete with Him. ..

So if we feel bored doing our ibadah, that means that we dont relate to Allah while we perform the ibadah. There was missing link between us and Allah. Hence the ibadah is just an act rather that the relationship between us and Allah.

Well, should I get bored although I have been to Winter Retreat for 4 times already? Well, I guess not.. I am pleasing Him for sure. I dont want to get the excitement that ruins me. The quick excitement that can lead me to astray. Sometimes patient with some boredorm really pays when you get the magnificent rewards in the akhirat.. insyaallah..

Just me parking here..

17-19 dec : Winter Retreat

20 – 26 : Jaulah Ireland

27-31 : London, Wales and Liverpool

1 January: Back to Dundee….


Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

One thought on “PMS is near..”

  1. salam wrt,
    How can we be bored with anything if we relate to Him?
    wah..baru can we??
    how can we be bored with studies if we relate it to Him?

    i was just trying to get away with the boredom of “staring” at my russian book, n i came across this entry =)


    Mari berusaha!!

    thanx kak aisyah!


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