Project SSC on reflection — tribute for my sis, Afifah

Salam, alhamdulillah, i did a video presentation for today’s presentation on reflection in medical practice. I am not sure whether I can get the message accross but I do hope my tutor would like it..

I dedicated this entry for Afifah because she always tell me :” apalah kak aisyah ni, blog tak update2!!’ and also : ” Awak tak pernah tulis benda2 medic kan? kenapa yer?”

Well, this is my story:

I took the story of me went to the psychiatry ward in carseview, dundee. There I met with a patient suffered from bipolar disorder( or manic depression where they can become manic and depressed at the same time). I found myself struggled to get the history from her although I was trying not to upset her by listening to her stories attentively. But the stories did not make any sense. There were flight of ideas, before one story finished, she jumped to the other one.

She also showed me her writings which I could hardly understand. She said she wrote that so that people can read her mind and understand what is inside her head. I tried to entertain her by reading them, but none of them make sense at all..

I could not wait longer and ask for her notes so that i can get her details . At that point, I really thought that I cannot become a psychiatrist. The patient make me depressed!!

While I was reading the notes and jotted down on my book, a doctor came into the room with the patient that i previously interviewed. There she helped me to explore the life of a manic depression disorder patient. How badly their life has affected by the disaese and the stigma that the society has against them

She was been bullied since shild, people say bad things about her, throw rubbish and eggs at her. Her own family disown her and she lives at the rehabilitation centre in dundee. I looked at her with sad eyes. I wonder how might it be to become like her. And I wonder how Muslim will live like that…

We always felt stigma towards mental illness people. We scared that they might harm us, and we thought that they have low IQ and cannot be functioning in the soctiety. But yet, they are human beings who have feelings. My patient wants to get married because she said that married people are happy. Of course her doctors disallow her because it can create more problems.

I learn that I cannot be judgemental to them and try as hard as i can to help them,.. I wonder how mental illness in malaysia would be.. and their supports system back home…

PS: I wrote this so that you guys can understand the content of the vid… =)


Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

3 thoughts on “Project SSC on reflection — tribute for my sis, Afifah”

  1. hurm~talking to insane people makes sane person goes insane as well. in my opinion, absolutely, you can’t really make sense out of their stories (think of an insane film like ‘misery’). there are bits of everything and in the end you need to figure the plot b yourself. fuh~ a psychiatrist needs to be an investigator now. good luck! keep your head up high. Don’t let her get into you! You are the one who needs to get into her. Heheh.

    -a girl who never studies medic-

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