IMAM symposium on the way….

salam all,

it’s been a while since i have the spirit of IMAM… I wonder where the spirit has gone? Am I to drown with the studies and the other responsibilities that I shouldered on? Or is it just because we have no unite team that stayed at one place and move the organization massively until it can become the powerful voice for the muslim doctor students in the world? I am still clueless.

I always imagine that IMAM can be the world medical voice like BMA, Medical Frontiere, Mercy and etc but I know the limitation that we had in UK, everyone seems to be so far away and our holidays would never be the same. The effectives tool of communication is email but not many people like to read their emails, let go to write it. And sometimes I felt shatter in thinking how the organization that brought me to know a lot of amazing people in this field and Islam, cannot move even wider and stronger. Every person in IMAM UK wants to do some changes, wants to make a difference, but we are lack of human power and we lack of time as well..

I remember the faces of the pioneer people who built IMAM the first place, and other juniors who intelligently and enthusiatically worked very hard in organizing IMAM’s programs. But they easily became tired and bored after they have done their jobs. they want to quickly free from the responsibility. Too much work they said! No time for their own study!

For me, when the input to their soul were not at the same rate as the output energy to work.. then you will feel severely fatigue. If the medicine for myasthenia gravis is pyridostigmine, the medicine for the working heart is Al-Quran and the sillah the bond that that the person has with Allah. That’ll keep him moving and working..

But as many other organisation, IMAM does not provide the tarbiyah.. it gathers people with one interest and vision; to unite Muslim Malaysian medical professionals under one umbrella to protect their interests and to share the visions of delivering the ummah the best Islamic medical practice. ( well, who knows what Islamic medical practice means… it is beyond asking the patient to remember Allah and to make doa before taking their medicines!)

To drive IMAM, you don’t have to have a line of intelligent doctors or students, but you need to have people who understand their roles in the organisation. Zealeous people who could imagine where IMAM would lead to. IMAM does not posses the Islamic stigma that some people might have on the ‘islamic’ titled organisation but IMAM is one of the organisation who unite unique people with wise mind, warmth heart and aspiring vision. Although you cannot get usrah or talks from them, but you meet tonnes of wonderful people. I was found by a secretary of IMAM who made me involved with IMAM newsletter publication although we never met before. I was found where I was remotely seated quitely in my own comfy town, where not many people know the name of dundee..

And she made me known to others, she met me with adorable brothers and sisters and wiseful doctors who know what IMAM can bring to the world. And Im gald I met them. Im glad Ive got the opportunity to work with them.

Although I was given a big opportunity to make a lot changes. But I know I have failed.. I wanted to blame the limitation of time and geographical obstacles that make me could not bring IMAM to her highest glory . But working in IMAm is not about working alone. You need to have a strong team. You need to have people who can be your supporters. And UK has that problems. with the president in Manchester and I am here, it is quite impossible to even discuss about the symposium. I remember previous pres and vice were from manchester and they have a lot of medics who helped them out for the symposium.Alhamdulillah, the team in Manchester is up and running again this year and may Allah bless their efforts insyaallah.

I always hope, whomever is given the responsibilty as the next leader of IMAM, will aspire the vision of IMAM as the previous leaders did. With that, although with no extravaganza programs, with pure heart and understanding minds, insyaallah IMAM will flawlessly fly over the sky to spread her wings with the guidance from Allah insyaallah…( well, i am bit exxageratting here.. hhehehe…)

Whatever happens, IMAM will always be in my heart, insyaallah.Because it has given me hope. And hopefully will still do for others..

when me is writing,

future unemployed Vice President

Nur Aisyah Zainordin

Assalamualaikum wbt,
In this recent years, the concept of Relief Medicine is becoming a vast area to explore yet so little experiences and volunteers; medical or non-medical public citizen. With the round changes that occurring in the world now, there are so many disturbances striking every single year in epidemic episodes ended with disastrous series.

Enlighten by the spirit of youth, humanitarian theory has a new ground of people to cover; students. In realizing the touching stories of students involvement in various world-stamped incidents, we from Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) UK-Eire presents Extreme Medicine 2007 that will be held on 31st march – 1st April 2007 in Manchester Royal Infirmary Postgraduate Centre, Manchester.Briefly, the 2-days event will cover through the aspects of:
Management and planning of humanitarian team, strategies and learning from expectations and mistakes of experienced team-workers in relief works
During Disaster:
Practicality of acute management; burn, fire-attacks, hypothermic, drowning, venom & bites to name a few, with series of outdoor activities and life-saving scenarios
Rehabilitation of victims according to fiqh medicine that will be entirely being beneficial, not only on disaster ground, but to our consensus on how a patient can performs ibadah in its current states (e.g. colostomy, amputated, burn high grade etc.)

The events will be host by very experienced relief workers which the name will soon be reveal. Further details can be assess through me and contact persons on the attached poster. Hope to see all the great and enthusiastic people from all over the countries on that day!
May you be enlightened by the events. Catch your seats for the date before it is too late.
Wallahualam dan wassalamualaikum wbt

Yours sincerely,
Mohamad Faizal Roslee
President IMAM UK Student Chapter (3rd Year Manchester University)


Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

One thought on “IMAM symposium on the way….”

  1. Salam ‘alaik

    Napa rasanya sama?

    To me, ppimsc taught me lots. i had to agreed,ppimsc had brought big changes to my own uni eventhough not to every uni in also created amazing ukhwah among my sister and brother,my junior and senior…yeah, u know how sekular my uni is..

    The strong reason i wanted to be in ppimsc m’sia team because i felt left out as i didnt hv the thiqah features.(assumption aje nie) rockers jalann,sape nak?and i do think it’s not fair to be judgemental. and i do believe ppimsc isnt a judgemental organization.

    In msia, we had d strong team with no geographic problem. dekat ngn prof latif..but i do really think PPim SC in msia still not up to level that it should be..

    the only problem dat we had here, ppl just didnt knw the importance of being in the team.or they just ignore it bcz afraid of losing time with their study/gf/bf/_____ (fill in the blank)

    the spirit is not there perhaps… not strong enough..perhaps..

    for the last 6months of becoming a vp of ppimsc msia, i dont think i did a good’s just not enough. i think i had failed to make the changes…and i’m really hoping dat some saviour (yg lebih layak dari segi ilmu +amal+ semangat) come to save us….

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