Being a Medic

I am busy. Its weird to be busy and its weird not to feel tired every day and sometimes all you feel is jus to stop the clock ticking, because there is so many things to do!

I made the above poster fo the primary care entitled self management of sprain and strain. After for quite sometimes, I get the jeez of playing with the adobe photoshop and I know, even how excited i was with it, i still got tonnes of thing to do..

Being isolated from hundreds of people all over UK, u have to stand on ur own feet, make ur own plans, even taking care of ur own tarbiyah. I begin to realise altho there’s other ppl care about u, but no one actually looking after u.

I miss Makcik Hasnah, my first and most beloved murabbi. and most important, i miss her caring thought, her undivided love to all her mutarabbi. She always make us special and she always give the best advise to the right problem. and she also care about my tarbiyah and my well being.

But here, I know I have to do it myself. Organise programs, make sure every scotlanders got tarbiyah and feel in tact with each other at the same time try to acttach myself with other ppl all over the world.. and man, what a tough job it is when you have to do everything on your own!

Sometimes I do feel i want to give up and just being a bookwormer thus get the distinction price in my exam . Then i think back, how empty my life wud be without dakwah and tarbiyah in it. Without the ukhuwah showeruing every soreness that I have in my life.

I know if i want to be great, i need to be great. I need to be discipline in achieving it. And it’s hard when you dont have anyone to look after u. To keep reminding u. And it’s hard when u have to do everything on ur own..

Salam eid everyone! May dakwah always tsbat in our heart….


Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

One thought on “Being a Medic”

  1. ingin menjadi manusia yang baik atau hamba yang baik?

    Mana mungkin manusia menjadi sempurna,dan susah mencapai tahap cemerlang di hadapan manusia.mungkin mendapat distinction A+,menjadi popular…tapi apakah hidup puas?

    tapi bila menjadi hamba Tuhan yang mempunyai Tuhan, bukankah Tuhan memahami kita sebagai hamba.sebagai manusia.sebagai seadaanya…

    hidup ini lebih dari ini!

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