i am back

Salam to all the bloggers,

I hav come last Sunday, Having still the jet lag spell but alhamdulillah think had recovered from it. Yesterday i went to siti and if at their house. Their are roommates now.. Talked to them for ages until my throat dry! huhuhhu… as if i havent spoken malay for zillion years! well, i havent seen any malays except amirin for like 4 days… anyway, its good to see them… update some stuffs…

If just started her class and i was talking to her about living in dundee. Well, dundee is different from other unis. and the only and only think that made it significantly different because we only have 5 UG girls and 5 UG boys.Plus there are 4-5 family doing PG.. but thats it.. the population of malaysians in dundee are shrinking and less people coming over as well..

Anyway, still waiting for aya to come. This week and next would be a cleaning and meeting time. will bring if and yaya around.. Glad to be a tourist guide again!

Anyway i still miss the environment of malaysia.. Not the hectic and menace life in KL, but the atmosphere of Islam where you can see people with hijab every single day and your heart just feel solemn by looking at them.

Shefa ( my muslim fren) and I decided to make use of one of our zuhr time to do some reflection. See, one of our most outstanding friend died more than a couple of week ago. I remember met her without the hijab when we were first year. She began to wear hijab when she was in second and socially active with the islamic society.

Every time i saw her in the prayer room she always busy sorting out someting and talking about the charity event that she organised. The day she died, she and her friends when to Thailand to help the orphanage there , they went for white water rafting but the rafting capsized. 4 of her friends survive, but they only found her body a week after that. you can read about her by searching in google ‘ shenaz kapoor’.

Shefa didnt stop mourning about her and i also feel sad. Yes we have to do something to improve ourselves and we yet to implement what we think that could remind us about death and day of judgment..

Anyway, enough of me mumbling…

The antology of poem by karyawan luar negara ( GKLN) has published. I am not how much they gonna sell it here. You can check it out at www.gkln.blogspot.com and you see my name ( muharikah) some over there.. If I have it with me ill put the info here..

Ok folks… for ppl who are still in malaysia…. keep me updated with the stuffs there…

Time for school..


Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

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