update diri sendiri

For those friends who are really concern about me, asking me when do i want to update my blog, i sincerily feel touched by your affectionate towards this friendships and how you guys care about whats been happening to me here.

I am swamped with lots of responsibility now, towards my study and dakwah work, thus I need to crept from all my art works be it writing and video editing. The responsibilty is much more than the time i have… masyaallah.. at least I am glad that i choosed this path.

My exam is just in 2 months, and i need to strive hard for that. Furthermore I have 2 projects to submit one by at the end of this week and another in 2 weeks time. So my hand is quite tight and I could feel my heart palpitated some times to catch up some breath. I pray Allah makes it easy for me…

I have a lot to tell other people outside there, about the miracle in human beings that Ive witnessed, those who have bear witness to submit themselves in dakwah, and how Islam has change their life. I witnessed this with appreciation to Allah, because Allah has chosen me to see how can ppl change with the new understanding in their life, so that I have the opportunity to write about them and share it with other duat outside from this country so that it can motivates us all. Nothing is impossible in this world insyaallah.

ok, i need to stop my hands now. Need to go back to my coursework. I hope Aneesa, my sister in dakwah will get better from pneumothorax, an accident i coudlnt happen to someone like her…

I will be back from visiting my sisters, whom I love for the sake of Allah. Allah knows how much I love these people, to be able to see them and spend my time with them. They have made my life special in a very unique way..

Yam, Zin, Rahimah, rabi, if you guys read this, I want you guys to come here if you can, to feel what i felt now, the sweetness of ukhuwah ,the strong bonding of aqidah and the light of dakwah, nothing can be similar to what we have experienced before… I miss you guys and the time we have spent!


Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

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