A Day with Paramedics

The paramedics try to lift a child (Patient’s pic is

Alhamdulillah. I have experienced one of many tremendous moments in my medical school. As part of my course, I need to do the community visits with the paramedics. We can choose from nursing, health centre, district nurse but my friend came up with brilliant suggestion which is paramedics. The reason why Dundee Medics School send us there so that we can observe other aspect of health medical professionals that work outside the hospital box. I found it quite interesting as we never been experience it before except those been showed the ER.

Im using my phone camera while Ive got the chance . I would love to take their photos but the confidentiality is taken very seriously in United Kingdom.

We went to visit 5 cases in which 4 of them need to be admitted to hospital. Elaine, one of the paramedics told me that 80% of ppl who called 999 are not emergency. I thought that being paramedics are quite hectic. Rush and Fast. But it was not as what I expected.

I can feel the adrenaline rushed into my head as the paramedic drove to the casualty scene(if you can call it that, it is actually a patient’s house). The driver was a female by the way but her driving can beat up MacLaren! I bet you! It just so good being in the vehicle because you can see loads of cars moving awa to the other side of the road when they heard the sirens. I felt like a VIP for a wee while.

I had to observe how the paramedics handle the patient and talk to them.The paramedics that broght me were 2 tough ladies. But they were really friendly. The talked to me about their life and experiences.But the only thing that I dont really like about them wa, every time we sent the patient to A&E, they went to this discreet area at the hospital and start to puff out the smoke. ooo man! I hate the smell of smoke! HUHHUH, but i didnt run away from them, try to have wee chat while wondering how can they still alive by smoking almost a pack a day.

However, the best thing I learned is how can I relate myself to real patient. Seeing them in their own context of conditions. I wonder how would it differ from Malaysia. Should be more interesting i guess. But I am still glad that i got this in dundee. Having to explore other human beings from other country.

Malaysia is just a call away.

Bru dapat call dari family 🙂


Author: Muharikah

Dr Aisyah Daie di JalanNya..

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